Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Animated Remove Button

( Inspired  from Google )


It's simply add trash image inside perticular element and open the cap of trash when your mouse pointer will be on that element

How to use

It's very simple to use
  • Step1: Download this code and include script file and css file
  • Step2: apply class 'remove-img' to expected element
  • Step3: initialize remove animation with functin googleRemoveInit( options ) or without option as googleRemoveInit()


it must be a JSON object with the following keys
  • Position: Position show where it should be appear [ before/after ] by default it takes position 'before'
  • Open: Open shows how much cap of trash will be open in terms of degree so you are allowd to put as numarical value or numarical + 'deg'

Live Demo


Jquery is requered for that and make sure that this script file will be after jquery file (bcoz it's using jquery)

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